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How to Apply for Dubai Visa?

To apply for a UAE visa one must submit the necessary documentation along with the visa application form, to apply the applicants must visit the closest visa application centre. You have to pay the required visa fees at the centre as well. The authorities process the application following the completion of the necessary procedure.

There are 7 types of visas to enter Dubai

48-hour visa

The validity of this visa is limited to 48 hours. It is ideal for travellers who plan to spend no more than two days in the United Arab Emirates. The validity of the visa is for 30 days, beginning on the day it is issued.

96-hour visa

Similar to the 48-hour visa, this one is best used for visits lasting no more than four days, or ninety-six hours or less. Those who choose to apply for the visa include those who stop over while en route to their next location or who visit the UAE for business. The visa is legitimate for 30 days after it is issued.

Single Entry short-term visa

This short-term, single-entry visa is valid for two weeks, or fourteen days. It cannot be extended. This kind of visa is available to people who want to travel to the nation for a brief period of time, whether for business or to spend time with loved ones.

30 days Single entry short-term visa

The 30-day visa with one entry is valid for travel to Dubai for 58 days following the date of issuance. With the help of the visa, a person is allowed to stay in the country for thirty days. It is important to clarify that the visa cannot be extended.

90 Days Visit visa

Compared to other visa categories, this one allows holders to remain in the nation for a longer length of time. The 90-day validity period of the visa makes it the best option for extended vacations, business training, and visits to family and friends.

Multi-Entry Long Term Visa (90 days)

Long-winded multiple entry A 90-day visa is valid for Dubai. You can use it to stay longer in the United Arab Emirates. This visa allows its bearers to enter the nation multiple times and stays for ninety days after the first entry.

Multi-Entry Short-Term Visa (30 days)

The short-term, multi-entry Dubai visa is non-extendable and allows for multiple entries into the nation during its allotted validity period. The visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issuance and allows the bearer to enter the United Arab Emirates for a 30-day period after the initial entry. It is important to note that once the multi-entry visa has been used, it cannot be revoked.

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